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Online Schedules and Forms

Symptom Checklist, Supply Ordering and Pick Up, Clinic Appointments, and PetSmart Visits are all available here.

Worried about your animal?

All medical questions must begin with submitting the Symptom Checklist, your Medical Tracking Form and the animal’s weight for the past week in your MED chat. Please note any concerns in your initial message. The more information you can give, the better able the medical team will be to help you.

Note the expected response time on the Symptom Checklist. If the time exceeds that window, please comment “BUMP” in your chat. If you need to add more information, do it before typing BUMP.

Updated 3/1/2023


This form must be filled out and sent with Med Tracking Form and weight for the past week in your MED chat on Facebook.

Request Supplies

  • Please keep at least 3 weeks of supplies on hand at all times.
  • When you open your last bag of food, order a new one.
  • Supply orders take at least 2 weeks to be filled. We aren’t Amazon Prime yet 😉
  • Direct link if it isn’t displaying well below.
  • CA ONLY: Order by checking off items on laminated order form and send in med chat. Pick up will be based on your location.

Schedule Supply Pick Up

 It will take 2 weeks to get your order.

Updated 3/1/2023

Please contact the depot location directly to arrange pick up.

Clinic Schedules


It was proving too complicated to have specific hours for Saving One Life staff to use the Brookview location for clinic purposes. Brookview will now be handling all clinic items.

The following restrictions apply:

Testing and Rabies Only Appointments: Must be approved in MED chat. Usually reserved for fosters who have an animal that was altered soon after intake (TNR) and had not completed the required 30 day quarantine. Can also be used to test animals who are not at alter weight IF doing so will open the foster to more animals. Can be used to get a Rabies shot if the animal was not of age when it was altered.

Exam Appointments: Must be approved in MED chat. These are reserved for fosters who need their animal seen for assessment before going in to another vet or for assessment of a medical issue. 

Both Appointment types will be scheduled the same way. Please follow the directions in the black boxes to schedule your appointment.

Brookview Wellness Contact Information:

602.715.2401  (Text Preferred)

538 S. Gilbert Rd. Ste 104, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Please send this information:

Your Name and Phone Number

  • Cat name, gender, age/DOB, breed, and color
  • All services needed (Exam and reason, Rabies, Testing)
  • OR send MED Tracking photo

Other Ways to Get Help

There are other fosters in our rescue who have offered to help. Please reach out and use them to lighten the load of the clinic staff by having them do the routine items when possible.

Routine items include: Testing, FVCRP, Microchip, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming

Your mentor can help you connect with someone who can help with routine things. Most often you will use your Neighborhood Facebook Chat to find a local resource.

PetSmart Visit

To ensure you have the right items when you drop off or pick up a kitty, please review the PetSmart Ready documents in this folder. You must create an account and be logged in to view this calendar.

Direct link if it isn’t displaying well below.

Questions or need tech support on any of these? Contact your mentor. If they can’t answer it, they will direct you to email the person who created the form.