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PetSmart FAQs

Where to find that, how to do this, what else to do?

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Stuff You Should Know

Center Supplies

Video Tours of Centers

Information Review


Where do I find…

  • Key, iPad, and Coupon books are usually at the first register.
  • Folders are in a magazine holder, most often in a cabinet or cubby.
  • Backers are usually in a manila envelope by the folders. Get a top and bottom.
  • Tape is with office supplies near the folders usually. When posting signs, no tape should be visible to the public.
  • Whiteboard markers are in a cup near the board.
  • Blankets and toys are in labeled bins, often up high. In some centers, the bench lifts up for more storage.
  • Cleaners are on a separate shelf from other supplies and rags are nearby.
  • Food is usually stored in a cabinet, but containers of commonly used foods are placed in an easily accessible location, usually in rubbermaid style containers.
  • Litter and scoops are usually easily accessible in a bin and hanging on the wall.
  • Ask the staff where you can throw away the trash bag.


Stuff that we need you to know.

Please do not share any contact information posted in the center with visitors. Phone numbers and emails are confidential.

Do not ever let two or more kennels of cats out at the same time unless there is an explicit instruction that it is ok. This is rare, though. Assume one kennel out at a time. You may let one group out in the waiting area and one in the kennel area if there are a lot of kitties in the center.

Scan chips on similar kitties and verify which kennel each belongs in. Yes, there have been mix-ups, which is embarrassing and not healthy for our kitties. Scan those chips often!

Visitors to the center may NOT pop in to play with the kitties. Only approved adopters may come in. The adoption coordinator will let you know if someone is scheduled to stop by.

If a kitty isn’t feeling well, reach out to Jeanne or Melissa. Their numbers are posted in the centers.

Please put the supplements on the kitties’ food (lysine, probiotics) when you refill the dishes. Give it a little toss to mix it in. 



I saw a presentation…

Volunteer Training Presentation is here.

Adoption Facilitator Training Presentation is here.

Are you a foster dropping off or picking up a kitty? Check out the information on this page.

Need a refresher on how to use the volunteer schedule software? That’s here.


Other Stuff

I’m still wondering…

Contact your mentor. Don’t have one? If you’re a volunteer, contact Melissa or the center lead. Something looks wrong? Call Jeanne or Melissa. Their numbers are at the store. 

If you feel something is an emergency, call Carrie (602-770-8977). Do not leave a message if she doesn’t pick up. Hang up and call again. It should be rare that you need to call her, but it does happen sometimes.


Adoption Coordinator Tips and Reminders

Use the button above to access the Adoption Processing Software. This is new as of 8/7/2023. Plan on using your own device to start the adoption. The adopter will complete their portion and pay on their own device. Select PetSmarts may have an iPad or Android tablet you can use instead of personal devices.

Get Ready for the Adopter

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment. Gather what you’ll need: Keys, iPad and/or log into AME, Coupon Book, Cat, Blanket, Bag of Food, Folder, Binder, Chip Reader, Pens.

Adopters are almost always early. Be prepared ahead of time. Read kitty bio if you aren’t familiar with the cat.


Contract Signing

They fill out the top and initial the boxes. Review the important sections: we take our cats back, declawing, inside only. They sign the bottom. 

Review the slow intro document. Add your own tips and tricks. Show them that they have a copy of both documents in the folder. Also review the medical information in the folder.

Enter into iPad and Collect Payment

Use the button above to open AME. Login and select the options you need (location etc) and enter the information for the animal. Walk through the steps until it asks to adopter to take over.

When they’re done, collect their cash or check or to pay by card, have them open Safari and go to and choose Adopt – Adoption Information – Pay Adoption Fee.


Fill In Your Part of the Contract

Do this while they do the AME steps. Check the chip and initial contract. Call Jeanne if it’s wrong.

Fill in payment type, if it’s entered into the iPad, and your initials / location. Sign the bottom. Make sure their part is complete.

This must go to a manager (include cash/check if not paid with credit card).


Take a Photo!

Fosters have poured their hearts into these animals. Give them the closure they need by telling them a bit about the person who adopted the kitty they fostered and by taking a photo. Post it in the Foster and Volunteer Facebook groups.