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PetSmart for Fosters

How to drop off, pick up, settle in, sign up for a slot, and more.


What Center are you going to?


Reserve a time


Review What to Do

Can SOL text you?

This form collects your name and phone number so that we can send you SMS notifications about Saving One Life. Texts are solely for volunteering purposes, never marketing.

Sign Up

Sign Ups Are Always Required

You must always have a scheduled time to drop off or pick up kitties, or to volunteer. This is so we have a record of when the animal was moved and also how often they were offered playtime. You must be logged in to view available times. If you choose to stay signed in, this site will remember your information.

If you need to sign up to drop off or pick up a kitty at a time that is blocked by the calendar, please message your mentor. Mentors have access to the center leads who can approve schedule overrides.

Settling In a Kitty

Ready to Find a Home

When you settle your foster kitty into PetSmart, you are giving him or her the best chance at a forever home. The kitties get regular visits and lots of love and playtime. It is good for the kitties to interact with a lot of kind, caring people to continue their socialization. It is in the best interests of the kitties and the rescue that we partner with PetSmart.

Before Leaving Home

Make sure you know which center you are going to. Use the location information at the bottom of the page to ensure you are going to the right place.

You will need to bring the following items with you:

  • 1 gallon bag of food (used to replenish the center supply – only a 1quart bag goes home with the kitty)
  • Blue folder, one per cat
  • A used but clean SOL kennel blanket (so it has the scent of your home on it)

After Arrival

Once you are at the center, please find this laminated checklist there. Go through each step carefully as they are all important. If you want to print and take this with you, you can. If you are new to dropping off a kitty, please take a minute to review it now and contact your mentor with any questions.

Giving a Kitty a Break

Ready for a Change

Sometimes a kitty has been in PetSmart for awhile and they are getting bored or not receiving public attention. We will choose to either give these kitties a break at a foster home or relocate them to a different center. Each center has its own “personality” in the adopters it attracts and placing the kitty in a different center can have an impact on its adoption potential.

Before Leaving Home

Make sure you know which center you are going to. Use the location information at the bottom of the page to ensure you are going to the right place.

Bring a carrier to the center. None are stored there. You will need to bring the following items home with you:

  • Outside and Inside Kennel Cards
  • Blue folder, one per cat
  • A used but clean SOL kennel blanket (so it has the scent of the center on it)

Pick Up instructions are here:

General Volunteer Instructions

What to Do at PetSmart

  • Retrieve the key from where it is stored.
  • Head in and sign in on the sign in sheet. Review what was done earlier so you spend time on what did not get done.
  • Read the inside bio cards on all cats. Note who can come out to play together, if anyone. Review notes on board, if any.
  • Clean, entertain the kitties, and enjoy your time.
  • Sign out and note what you did during your visit.
  • Ensure all human doors are closed and kennel doors are secure (pull, don’t push).
  • Return the key and take the trash to the main can.

*While every effort is made to avoid an overlap, if an animal has a meeting with a potential adopter during your shift, please step out for a few minutes to allow them to meet the kitty.  Adoptions are our ultimate goal so they should take precedence.

Sign Up to Visit

Must sign in to view schedule. Logins can be saved.

How to Use This Sign Up

SuperSaas is what we use for PetSmart volunteers along with other various things. You will need to create and verify an account. Use your real name and your most often checked email account. You can choose to stay logged in so you don’t have to remember a password.

Once you are logged in you can see all active schedules. Choose what you want and follow the directions for that particular schedule. Choose CA PetSmart or Whiskers and Wine. Reminder emails will be sent to your registered address. Because you are logged in, you can see what you’ve signed up for in each schedule as well as create recurring shifts under Agenda. If you can’t view the schedule below easily, you can access it directly by going to The d at the beginning of the address helps the page display uniformly across all devices. Switch between mobile and desktop view with the links on screen. Often the desktop view is easier to navigate if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. 

PetSmart and other Adoption Center Locations

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PetSmart is a great partner for us in rescue. Each adoption done at PetSmart earns us a donation!