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Announcements Notice

Posted By: Gilbert Mentor, with Leadership approval

Announced: Aug 12, 2021; Effective 1 week later

Watch this space for policy changes, new procedures, updates, or anything else that will change how we interact with our fosters. 

Each topic will be tagged with keywords and the posts will be titled with the effective date in the web address. 

We encourage you do a keyword search from the main foster page when you have a question about procedure.

Please read more below for further details.


We know that new research is constantly being published so we never want to say the way we do things is the way we will always do it. 

Having a place to collect all of the announcements without wading through the other posts on Facebook will allow us to ensure everyone is on the same page. It will also push the announcement straight to your email so we are not reliant on Facebook’s algorithms to show it in your feed in a timely manner.  

Please add our email address ******** to your safe senders list if you haven’t already.


We don’t anticipate making changes weekly or even bi-weekly. We will not be flooding your email with messages. We may ask you to log on and comment below if an announcement needs feedback or confirmation of receipt. You should be on this site regularly anyway, so we aren’t asking for a lot more time. 

Each person will have a profile on the site. You can choose a nickname to post your comment under or you can use your real name. The comments section will work just like a Facebook post comments section. Please keep discussions to the topic at hand.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for our next post.