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Intake Process for Found Animals

Intake Process

Updated 6/5/2023

Our Intake Request program is significantly limited. Only requests appropriate for the One Time Foster Program will be considered at this time.

If someone you know personally reaches out directly to you with a found animal or you find one yourself, here is the procedure to see if we can help.

  • Arrange to trap/contain the animal. Any location that can hold the animal safely and allow it to be transferred to a carrier without escaping is good. Garages in cool weather are great. Backyards are not considered enclosed areas.
  • As much as possible, assess the animal for age, temperament, and health.
  • Have the finder (no middle men) complete the Intake Form on by going to the Resources tab and finding the link in the first paragraph on that page. You can choose “Yes it is in an enclosed location” if you have a trapping plan. You have one week from approval to trap the animal. If you found the animal, the yellow button here will take you to the intake form page.
  • The finder must send photos and proof of an owner search must be completed prior to intake.
  • If you are a foster and someone reaches out to you, you CANNOT approve intake. If you would like to give information on why we should accept this found animal, you can email with why we should help in this situation. Copy your mentor on the email. Do NOT copy the finder on the email.
  • Talk to the finder about the One Time Foster program. This has the highest chance of us being able to help. Talk to your mentor if you aren’t familiar with how One Time Fostering works. Most approved intake requests are through the One Time Foster Program. Animals must be healthy and friendly and, most importantly, the finder MUST be able to house and care for the animal for the duration of the fostering process.

    No One Time Foster animals will be transferred, even for vacation coverage.


If an animal is approved for intake and it is not through the One Time Foster program, it goes on a list for placement with a foster. There is no guarantee a foster will be found. Most fosters are kept full so that we can save the highest number of animals. This is why the One Time Foster program is so important.

Do not use the intake request form for animals that you see on social media, Craigslist, NextDoor, or similar sites. Our intake team monitors those and will help when we can.

We cannot take in an animal the same day it is found. It usually takes at least 10-14 days.

All animals MUST be approved before taking them into our care, even in a One Time Foster situation.