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Start a New Profile with this form.

Due 5 days after intake.

Basic Instructions

This form is the basis for every record we keep on the animals who enter our care.

Please take care to enter complete and accurate information.

Things to know:
  • It is a Google limit that we cannot save and enter more later.
  • When you get an animal, you need to enter basic data within 5 days. If you can have names by this time it is very helpful. 
  • Final profiles are due 3 days before alter or 3 days before they are scheduled to go into an adoption center if already altered at intake. 
  • Data can be entered early and updated as often as you need.
  • Use 11/11/1111 for any field you do not have complete info for yet.
  • This is the same form exactly as you’ve been using for a couple of years. We just made it easier to find.
  • Need help? Email or your mentor.
Things to Remember

What you enter here goes directly into the animal’s permanent record and straight to the adopter, typos and all! Please, pay attention to Capitalization, Punctuation, and Grammar!

Enter dates exactly as requested, too, please. I know it sounds like we are being unreasonably picky, but someone has to proofread these entries and it is very time consuming to fix many small errors.

Accuracy is essential on the final submission (including beginning and end date for meds).

Make sure you have a confirmation email before closing this window. Check the spam folder too.

Profiles are best received by adopters when you start with the positive and find soft language for the negative. Ask for help if you aren’t sure what this means. There are people in rescue who are willing to help!

Using the Back and Next buttons AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FORM will not cause you to lose any data. Do not use your browser’s arrows.

Please enter all dates as MM/DD/YYYY.

Entering Multiple Animals and Naming Rules
Up to 7 animals can be entered into one form.
  • You will start with information about intake and basic descriptions of each animal.
  • Only animals with the same birthday can go on the same form. Mama needs a different profile than her babies.
  • Names need to be 2 words long. Do not use Mrs/Mr etc or Princess/Sweet/Baby etc. Check the list of retired names before settling on a name. All animals in the litter need the same last name (must not have been used in the past 12 months). Not sure? Check with your mentor. Also, at the bottom of this page, there is a master list of names from 2020 forwards. You can see if a name has recently been used. Most often, if two people choose a name, the first one to enter it into the system gets to keep it!
  • You will start with the highest number animal and work down to animal 1. It really doesn’t matter which animal goes in which spot, but make sure your final profile has them in the same order as the first time you do the form within 5 days of intake.
  • For Animals 2-6, there is a space to give the adoption team or director more private information about the animal if needed. For Animal 1, this space also includes a question asking about where the animals came from. Please be as specific as possible in this section. All information entered in this question will never be seen by an adopter.
  • Each animal needs a unique personality write-up. Do not copy and paste their story and change just a few details. Also, do not mention a sibling unless they are bonded.
  • Bonded animals are rare. They will need to be entered as one animal and photos of them together will need to be sent. Your mentor will approve the bonding before you reach this step.
  • The last step is entering the information from the Medical Tracking Form. This is entered once for all animals in the litter. If there are variations on the data, it can go in the Other Information question at the bottom of the personality write-up for each animal. Examples of variations are different test results or different Toltrazuril dates. 
  • Need help? Email or contact your mentor.
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If the embedded form isn’t working, please use this link.

Updated 3/31/2022

This is the most current version of this form.

Complete a Profile Form with this section.

Due 3 days before alter.

Basic Instructions

You have been sent a link to each form in your email. Search your email for “Animal Profile Form” and the animal name. Use the instructions below if you cannot locate that link or if someone else started the profile and did not send you the link.

    Instructions to Find the Profile Link if you can't find it in your email.

    Search this spreadsheet for the original submission (your 5 day profile).

    How to search:
    • Every browser can search this page, but they all vary. I have included instructions for as many as I can.
    • DESKTOP/LAPTOPS – Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge: Hit Ctrl+f or cmd+f and search for the cat’s name. Use the arrows to navigate to the next name if it is repeated.
    • iPhone (Safari): On the address/search bar at the bottom, type the name of the cat. DO NOT hit Go. Scroll the information that pops up above the address bar and look for the words “On This Page (__ matches)”. Tap the white line that has the cat name in it. You can then use the arrows to move to the next instance of that name if there is more than one.
    • Android Phones (Chrome): Tap … at the bottom. Choose “Find in Page”. Type the name you are looking for. It will probably show 0/0 found. It’s lying to you! It means 0 are currently on the screen. However, if you start scrolling down the list, you will see that cat name is highlighted in yellow. Your best bet is to scroll towards the end of the list before looking for the yellow highlight since the list is from oldest to newest.

    Once you have found the name, scroll to the far right and tap the link that is on the same line as your search word. It will open in a new page and show you the “You’re editing your response…” text at the bottom. Make sure your name is in the name field (Don’t change it if it’s not your name. That means you opened the wrong profile! Close and start over!!).

    Edit and submit the profile form. Close that tab and come back here if you need to do more. Otherwise, you’re done!

    Spreadsheet below not displaying properly?
    Updated 11/18/2022

    This is the most current version of this form.