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Alter Scheduling

Appointment Information – All appointments including alters

We work with a wide variety of veterinarians. These procedures apply to all offices, always.
  1. Nothing is done without authorization from either Carrie or CA leadership.
    1. The vet will call one of them to discuss the treatment plan after examining the animal and before doing anything.
    2. It’s ok to have them talk on your phone if they don’t have her number stored.
    3. If Carrie does not answer, call repeatedly. Same for CA leadership.
  2. If work is not authorized before being done, the rescue will not be responsible for payment.
  3. Do not accept pain medication from an alter appointment without explicit permission from Carrie.
  4. Do not accept ANY medication at any time from any appointment without explicit permission from Carrie or CA leadership.
    1. Most medications are stocked in the rescue and can be provided to you quickly at a significantly reduced cost to the rescue.
  5. You must have a completed form if it is listed on this page.
  6. Make sure you print and attach a carrier card to your carrier. See carrier card information below.
  7. Preferred location for ALTERS, X-RAYS, and EXAMS is Brookview Animal Wellness. Other locations can be used if approval from director is obtained and/or foster is willing to cover the cost difference.


We work with a wide variety of veterinarians. These procedures apply to all offices, always.
  • 2 vaccines
  • fully dewormed
  • Minimum 2.5lb+ for all

In Med chat notify that your foster is ready, leadership will reach out to Jessica to get alter scheduled.

Rabies will be done at time of alter


Schedule your animal’s alter as soon as they come into the rescue. Aim for 12 weeks old or more than 3 lbs. It can always be delayed if needed, but it is very hard to find earlier appointments if an animal makes weight sooner than expected. Your mentor can answer any questions you have.

Most alters and appointments will be done at Brookview Wellness. If you need an appointment that is not at BVA for any reason, your mentor will let you know who to contact.

Please send this information:

Your Name and Phone Number

  • Cat name, gender, age/DOB, breed, and color
  • All services needed (FVRCP, Rabies, Alter, Microchip, Testing, Ear Treatment, etc.)
  • OR send MED Tracking photo

Brookview Wellness Contact Information:

602.715.2401  (Text Preferred)

538 S. Gilbert Rd. Ste 104, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Bring the form linked below to the appointment, please. If you cannot print it, please review it to know what information will be asked of you at check in.


Vet (Alter) Info Table

Below is the list of Veterinarians that we work with.

In general, alters will be done at Brookview. Exams will be done at Brookview or Kierland Animal Clinic (Dr. Gibson) but can be done at any vet on this list if needed.

Use the blue text at the bottom to view CA veterinarians and other important information.